The Ruth Plaut Kindergarten

This Kindergarten is set up to commemorate my mother who 18 years ago was there to support my dreams when I left my established life as a Doctor in Germany to start a new uncertain chapter in the Dominican Republic. During her visits to my new home she received love, admiration and respect by all who had the chance to meet her here. Helping children in my mothers name is a way for me to say thanks especially for all the times that I forgot to thank her while she was still alive.

Our concept is to support children in their natural instinct to explore and learn and at the same time teach parents the importance to cooperate in this training.

As a first step a multipurpose building was constructed, primarily to be used as a Kindergarten. In contrast to public schools the architectural concept is to motivate children by having created a space that allows learning, exploring and fantasizing in an safe environment. Construction was finished in May of 2006 and the Kindergarten opened the following August. We also function as a Community Center which supports many projects for the local community.


The Ruth Plaut Kindergarten is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 12.00 pm for 35 children 3-6 years of age. Currently we employ 4 fulltime teachers however from the beginning we started to bring in Volunteers from overseas so the children had exposure to different cultures and languages.

At 10 am each morning we serve Breakfast to the children, mostly different types of cereal with fresh milk. Instead of a tuition fee the parents of the children rotate spending one week preparing this breakfast in the school for all the children. They also help cleaning the school facilities and bathrooms. This lowers the cost for the school and gives the parents an insight of school activities.

For the school materials needed in the Kindergarten we depend on the kind donations of individuals, volunteers, charitable organizations, corporations, and our sponsors.


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Ruth and Werner Plaut Kindergarten & Community Center - La Mina, Los Brazos, Jamao Al Norte, Dominican Republic
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