Our Concept

Since the time of Trujillo (Dominican Dictator that was assassinated in 1961), or even before, the concept of ignorance was what kept people alive (the less you know the less chances you have to get killed). This concept remained mainly in the rural areas up to this day where children, due to the ignorance and limited education of the parents, are systematically trained not to ask not to explore and not to question anything.

Our intention is to support children in their natural instinct to explore and learn and at the same time teach parents the importance to cooperate in this training.

The Idea is basically to provide a primary education to children of a poor village – La Mina in the Dominican Republic. This education should be equivalent to middle class education in America/Europe, by providing a School, learning Materials and Teachers for free. Our most important task is to give the children of the La-Mina Community an alternative to being raised at home with lots of love but nobody to teach them anything but household skills (and not even those to the boys). Due to the lack of space and toys children are taught not to ask, not to explore but sit still and quiet doing almost nothing for hours. Once they reach the age of 5-6 when they get enrolled into public school (with 40 children to 1 Teacher and 3-4 hours maximum of education per day) they find learning boring and difficult and copy/paste becomes the most developed skill they have. By the time those Kids reach 16-18 there capacity of learning has been reduced to that extend that a 2 week intensive course of English would take 6 month and still some of the participants would not be able to say the alphabet in English without mistakes. Conclusion: Providing a good start in education to children as young as possible and giving them the tools to enjoy learning and becoming auto sufficient with this process is the goal of the Ruth Plaut Kindergarten.


Ruth and Werner Plaut Kindergarten & Community Center - La Mina, Los Brazos, Jamao Al Norte, Dominican Republic
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