Donating Supplies

The Ruth and Werner Plaut Foundation invites visitors to bring supplies directly to our office in La Mina so they can have the chance to learn more about our programs. If you have no transport we can pick donations up in the Cabarete area.

Unfortunately, we cannot receive donations shipped to the Dominican Republic due to the exorbitant costs and taxes required to get donations out of customs and the tendency for items to be lost or damaged in transit.

What donations should I avoid?

The Ruth and Werner Plaut Foundation focuses on collecting educational supplies, clothing and shoes, as long as they are in good condition. Donations can often prove too costly to receive and/or store and we ask that you avoid donating materials unsuited to the needs of the organization, such as:

  1. Literature that is not in Spanish
  2. Literature that is above a sixth grade reading level
  3. Damaged or unusable marker, crayon, and pencil sets etc.
  4. Candys
  5. Random Gift giving to children you don't know. This might foster an attitude of begging towards whoever will visit the school in the future

Our Wish List

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