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Community Development

We understand that education alone is not enough to change a child’s future if you don't improve the living conditions of their families.

This is why a big part of the Ruth and Werner Plaut Foundation activity is concentrated on Community Development. A family that lives in a proper home with decent sanitation and a save environment is the foundation for children to develop and grow or to put it differently, a child having a good education but not enough food to eat or is constantly infected by parasites due to bad sanitation won’t develop.

Listed below are some of the projects that the Ruth and Werner Plaut foundation has realized in the past years. These projects are possible because of the support and cooperation of organizations such as The Blue Moon Retreat Center, International Student Volunteers (ISV), Laurence Academy as well as the Mariposa Foundation.


Achievements of past Groups:

  • Building 1.5 km of very needed sidewalk so children can get save from their homes to the public school
  • A computer Laboratory
  • 2 Libraries in the public school
  • Walkways to homes on steep hills
  • Change dirt floors in homes into cement floors
  • Building a house for a 19-year-old single woman with 2 children that lived in a shack made of palm leafs.
  • Painting houses and mural’s
  • Building a greenhouse out of pet bottles
  • Building a playground for the Kindergarten
  • Providing basic dental care and hygiene




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